Zuubly vs. Suugly—Reviews for Money-Making Programs

There’s so many training courses and coaches and side hustles

DJ Chuang
5 min readDec 26, 2022

According to the most popular search engine on the internet, there’s over a thousand reviews for all kinds of programs that are being promoted and sold online with techniques and methods for making money—about 1,050 results for zuubly.com and about 474 results for suugly.com. The most attractive ones talk about passive income, where you could make money in your sleep.

“Katie Smith”

One of these review sites called Zuubly has someone named “Katie Smith” saying, “after reviewing thousands of courses and coaches and side hustles, here’s what I can’t stand about this industry.”

Every review has this footer about what she can’t stand about these other money-making programs, and that footer has a link to “Here’s What I Hate About This Space” at zuubly.com/about that then goes to “My Favorite Program” at zuubly.com/google which has a button labeled “Make Money with Google” that goes to almostperfectbiz.com and that goes to https://go.oncehub.com/entrepreneurs with a program that costs $2,980.

What’s peculiar is how the website almostperfectbiz.com isn’t visible to the Google search engine. Why hide such a great program, if it’s so great? Good question. And who is “Katie Smith?” No clue. If you can’t find any info about who’s behind the program, be careful, very careful.

What Suugly has to say about Zuubly

A competitor review site called Suugly has notable criticism about Zuubly’s program.

Every review page of the Suugly site has a footer with “Jessie Luna” saying,

If you want someone who will talk straight with you, respect your time, and show you a business that might actually work for you, you should watch this short video.

“Jessie Luna”

That footer has a link going to “Here’s My Favorite Program” and after a 2–20-minute video, if you watch that, the call-to-action button “Meet my Mentor” goes to suugly.com/business titled, “Best Business To Start In 2022.” If you want to contact “Jessie Luna” or find out who she is, good luck, there’s no trace to be found. But you can meet her mentor.

That article gives 15 reasons for their Local Marketing Vault being so great, and prompts you to click on the link “How To Start A Business That Pays You Little Hits Of Money All Throughout The Day” that goes to twopagesites.com/suugly-optin-page.

That page has a headline, EXCLUSIVE Free On Demand Webclass Shows How Tiny Two Page Websites Make Us $40,000/Month and the fine print states:

Earnings and income representations made by James Bonadies, Jason McKim, JamesLMV.Com, and Visibility Cloud, LLC and their advertisers/sponsors (collectively, “Visibility Cloud, LLC”) are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. We have the benefit of doing this business model for 6 years and we IN NO WAY guarantee you will get similar results. All references are purely for educational purposes and OUR results, NOT the typical results of a newcomer to online business. These results are not typical and results will vary [BOLD emphasis added]

With this program, you do get a little more info about who Visibility Cloud is at their website visibilitycloud.com. They have a free YouTube Ads Group on Facebook with 378 members (at the time of this writing). Their newer trademarked brand name Local Marketing Vault localmarketingvault.com has its Trustpilot reviews at trustpilot.com/review/localmarketingvault.com

Someone Else has a Gripe about Zuubly

Interesting to see another training-program competitor, PaidLetter.com, that put out their critical review in the form of a press release, to promote their own program—

But if you are looking for a decent side hustle you can feel good about promoting click the link below: https://paidletter.com/a-faster-path

Photo by Dan Barrett on Unsplash

A Closing Thought

I confess that I’m not a fan of this tactic to use reviews that criticize other programs and only to end with a promotion for a “better” program. Not fair; but I suppose, that’s what competition in the business world comes to? Sad state of affairs.

Of course, there’s a wealth of information on how to earn more money and increase your wealth on the internet. Books, conferences, courses, and trainers love to show people how to make money by showing you how they made their money. The catch is, how they made their money isn’t the full picture. Here’s why.

First, how they made their money worked for them. And they’re selling you their income-generating formula, so they can make more money. (Aha!) In some cases, it could be that their formula has already been used so much that there’s not as much market opportunity for that, so they can sell their formula to you and good luck trying to make half as much money as they did.

Second, they’re selling the formula to hundreds and thousands of others who want to learn how to make money too. So you’ve got many other competitors jumping into the internet space with the same formula. I get the feeling that the swimming pool is already pretty crowded.

Are there good things to learn from these programs? Yes, I would like to think so. But know what you’re really getting when you go through the training. Not all the aspirational promises will happen just because they say so or just because you work hard.

You have to have something called business acumen—this is something rarely stated clearly and plainly, yet it’s so very critical to doing any kind of entrepreneurial business effort. And that’s what is implicit with most, if not all, of these kinds of startup or side hustles to make money from scratch.